Our Programs

Judy Hartley & Associates provides training and development services in several areas:

All training provided by Judy Hartley & Associates is available in modular format and easily customizable. We know that “one size does not fit all” so clients may select the particular modules of training they need for their participants, determine the order and length of modules, the training schedule that will work best, etc. Clients can also let us know particular topic areas to emphasize and how to tailor the training content to connect with their participants.

Leader Development

Making the shift from hands-on work to leading others requires the development of a new set of skills.

Team Development

Synergistic teamwork doesn’t just happen magically. There are a number of critical elements that a leader needs to pay attention to in order to maximize team performance.

Customer Service Excellence

Providing excellent customer service is a critical success factor for most organizations but individual service providers need not only excellent skillsbut also customer-focused systems and processes that enable them to provide excellent service.

SOCIAL STYLE Awareness and Versatility Skills

A key element of nearly all of our work with leaders, teams and service providers includes integration of SOCIAL STYLE Awareness and Versatility skills.