Customer Service as a Competitive Advantage

The purpose of this program is to provide all YOUR COMPANY service providers an understanding of YOUR COMPANY’s current marketplace and the importance of customer service, satisfaction and loyalty to YOUR COMPANY’s strategic plans. It is also intended to increase awareness of critical dimensions of service quality that impact customer satisfaction and share information on how YOUR COMPANY is perceived to date. Key customer service initiatives currently underway at YOUR COMPANY will be described and input solicited on additional means to improve service to YOUR COMPANY clients.


After completing this module, participants should be able to:

  • Describe what is happening in YOUR COMPANY’s market and YOUR COMPANY’s strategic plans for continuing success in the future
  • Explain why YOUR COMPANY and other companies place such importance on customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Describe common dimensions of service quality that impact customer satisfaction and predominant reasons companies lose customers
  • Summarize feedback YOUR COMPANY has received with regard to current customer service
  • Describe basic principles of customer focused organizations and processes
  • Describe various initiatives underway at YOUR COMPANY to improve customer service
  • Articulate reasons for YOUR COMPANY investing in them and this training program