What Makes for Excellence in Customer Service

The purpose of this program is to provide all YOUR COMPANY service providers an awareness of critical dimensions of service quality that impact customer satisfaction and the need for defining customer service in a broad sense/building a strong chain of service throughout YOUR COMPANY.

Tools and techniques will be discussed for effectively building (and avoiding destroying) rapport with customers. This will include discussion of effective choices and use of various communication media. Time will also be spent analyzing and suggesting ways to improve customers’ cycle of service with YOUR COMPANY.


After completing this module participants should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of internal customer service (a team approach)
  • Construct and analyze a cycle of service for an organization/department
  • Describe techniques and processes for improving internal customer service
  • Describe a basic process for providing Quality Customer Service
  • Describe critical knowledge, skills and attitudes for customer service excellence
  • Differentiate between actions that build and those that destroy rapport with customers
  • Explain the importance of courtesy with customers and ways to ensure customers feel valued and appreciated
  • Demonstrate how to effectively gather information to understand a customer’s situation (especially, their concerns plus their real needs/interests)
  • Recognize important things to consider when selecting communication media
  • Describe the specific advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with specific communication media and situations where certain media can be especially helpful
  • Effectively select an appropriate communication media for a specific situation/message
  • Appropriately and effectively utilize voice mail
  • Appropriately and effectively use e-mail and other Internet communications tools used by YOUR COMPANY and its customers; demonstrate understanding of email etiquette
  • Describe company-specific “customer service protocols”
  • Explain the importance of verifying customer satisfaction at the close of every interaction
  • Describe basic principles of customer focused organizations and processes including empowerment