Leader Development

Looking for a good investment?  Invest in the development of your first-line/front-line leaders and managers.  Front-line leaders and managers have an enormous impact on the bottom line. In fact , the quality of your front-line managers is the single most critical factor in workforce performance.

Your company’s front-line leaders probably have top notch technical and job skills.  But, do they know how to effectively provide work direction to others?  Do they know how to motivate and develop others?  Do they know how to manage conflicts that arise in the workplace or how to foster teamwork?  If these are areas in which they could use help, provide them the practical skills training they need and will be able to immediately apply.

Almost all leadership development programs include training to develop SOCIAL STYLE Awareness and Versatility Skills.

Our CORE Programs

Individual Coaching Services

For specialized individual coaching services, JH&A recommends these associated resources: