Judy Hartley & Associates provides training and development services in several areas:

All training provided by Judy Hartley & Associates is available in modular format and easily customizable. We know that “one size does not fit all” so clients may select the particular modules of training they need for their participants, determine the order and length of modules, the training schedule that will work best, etc. Clients can also let us know particular topic areas to emphasize and how to tailor the training content to connect with their participants.

Generally speaking, training is designed to be delivered “classroom style” by Judy Hartley & Associates, however training content may also be delivered via other means as desired by client (e.g., by one-on-one coaching, by an in-house trainer after completing a train-the-trainer program, or converted to an online self-study training program, webinar, etc.)

We facilitate learning and development programs that are interactive, practical, and engaging!

All classroom/facilitated training programs are designed to create a learning environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction plus sharing of real life experiences and lessons learned. We create a safe environment for sharing, exploring ideas plus learning and practicing new tools and techniques before taking them back to work.

All training is also designed to ensure good “Return On Investment.”

At JH&A we believe that “Return-On-Investment” in training is most likely to be achieved if responsibility for training success is shared amongst the trainers, the participants and their managers. Learn More »

Regardless of how training is delivered, there is a consistent focus on providing learners with practical tools and techniques to use on the job for working effectively with and through others.

A key premise:

One key premise underlying all JH&A programs is that a key skill set for effectiveness in any job is SOCIAL STYLE Awareness and Versatility Skills.