Preventing and Managing Conflict Through Effective Communication and Collaboration Skills

Learn how to work through conflict properly so that positive benefits can be realized.

The purpose of this session is to provide tools and techniques for addressing and managing conflict in the workplace plus preventing some unnecessary conflict through effective workplace communications.

Through group discussions and hands-on activities you will learn about the nature of conflict in the workplace, recognize its inevitability and increase your awareness of practices that can help prevent some types of unnecessary/unproductive conflict.

After completing an assessment instrument, you will become more aware of your tendencies for approaching conflict and then learn how different methods of handling conflict are appropriate in different situations. There will be opportunity to practice a technique for effectively raising issues and you will learn how to respond to issues raised by others as well as how to respond to defensive behavior demonstrated by others. Self-management and listening skills will be emphasized. You will also learn and practice using principled negotiations skills (interest-based problem solving) to work through issues and create win-win solutions.

After completing this session, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the nature and inevitability of conflict at work
  • Differentiate between productive and unproductive/unnecessary conflict
  • Prevent some unproductive conflict by using effective communications
  • Describe five different method/strategies for dealing with conflict
  • Recognize personal tendencies for dealing with conflict
  • Demonstrate how to effectively raise an issue with someone
  • Respond effectively to people’s defense mechanisms
  • Resolve conflict by using interest-based problem solving (collaboration/principled negotiations) skills to negotiate win-win agreements
  • Effectively defuse and mediate conflict involving others